Thursday, October 29, 2009

Next Year Now

These are leaves...lots of leaves...I picked up most of the bagged ones along the curbsides in town, the truckload and about 10 other bags came from a clean up job we did.

I got these leaves because even after 4 years of working my garden soil it still has a lot of clay attributes to it...Nothing like when we started...its much better now, but still holds a lot of water, gets kind of hard and doesnt have the dark color I like so much.

So we'll be working alot of these leaves into the ground hopefully before snows sets in for good and we'll let some cook over the winter and till them into the ground in the spring.

I also collect branches and brush from yard jobs and such through the summer and I burn those in the garden as I'm told this is very good for breaking up the soil. I have 2 giant cottonwood trees in the yard which are constantly dropping branches and twigs all year round.
There's always something to do to get ready for next year.

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