Monday, January 31, 2011

first harvest

Just thought Id pop by to mention that we harvested our first pig yesterday. It was kind of small, but wasnt getting any bigger. It was quite different than doing a deer. A little more difficult. I was hoping to get some leaf lard from around the kidneys, but there wasnt any. Actually there was very little fat at all which really surprised me. The skin didnt peel away as easily as a deer.
I kind of feel like I couldnt gotten more if I'd have had it done by a professional, but there doesnt seem to be one close by.
Oh well, it was nice to get the first one done. Now to find the time to care of the big one.
Theres a bunch of roosters that need harvested as well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring is coming

I can feel it. Hidden beneath the snow the grass is just waiting. I was thinking about gardening today. Saw the marigold deadheads just waiting to get started. Eyeing my front "sun room" for how to oragnize the seedling starts. It wont be long now.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow. Its winter. Howd that happen.

Well, its winter time now. The gardens are doing their thing and resting. Ive got a couple pigs in one of them, but not for much longer. We'll be harvesting them soon. Im kinda not thinking much about the garden right now, though I should be. Last year was disappointing considering how the moles tore through so much.
I do need to redo the strawberry patch and Ill probably plant some more blueberry bushes. We planted some asparagus in the fall. Im hoping that comes through for us.
Plenty of snow on the groung and more to come. Icy temperatures this year. Cant remember ever being this cold. I guess itll help control some of the pests so thats good.