Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Artistry of an Old House in Wellsboro Pa.

This wonderful old home in the mountains of Pennsylvania bares the signs and wear of being well over a hundred years old, but it also expresses the attention to detail and artistry of an age long gone.
Stained Glass and Etched Smoked Glass windows, Ornate brass door handles and plates, massive garden landscapes, mosaic tiles and lion head door knockers...just too interesting. I did not get to go inside, but Im told the woodwork is exquisite.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Doing Yard Work at an Old House in Town

Sweet old house in Wellsboro on which we have been doing yard work. There was an old rickety wood fence and a wrought iron fence around the front which really obscured the curb appeal. It is a work in progress as some of the pictures will show.
Second load of  debris. We hauled a load of brush to the township building to be recycled and some came  home to feed the goats. This load is going to find its way into reuse one way or another.

I just really liked these stairs. Wish I would have gotten some pics before we started cleaning up this area.

Another curbside shot. There were several small trees and bushes that we pulled out with the truck. That was kind of fun. Should have taken a video. Grr.

Some of the downed fencing.

There are huge bushes like this all over the property that I get to trim way back. More pics later.

Property has lots of old overgrown gardens. Must have been quite a looker in its day.

More pics soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No-Till Gardening video

Heres the video that didnt show up well in the previous post.

No-Till Gardening 2011

No-Tilling or Mulch Garden click link for video.
Alright, Im back. Short on time and late on planting. Trying no till gardening this year. Laid the onions out on the soil and covered them with leaves and hay. Theyre growing well. Hoping to get a good crop of large tomatoes this year. I finally got my potatoes put in on top of a thick layer of hay which we pulled from the goat house. Then I covered them with bags of leaves that I gathered a couple years ago during the fall clean-ups in town.
Using the hay bales with the hope that the chickens will be able to feast on worms and bugs living along the edges. Havent got the fence up yet, but working on it.
Last years pig pen is layered with great soil, but underneath it is very soft from the dozens of bags of leaves we dumped in there. Hoping the worms will compost it for me over the summer.
Lots to do this year.