Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Land of Middleswarth BBQ Potato Chips

I was recently reminded when viewing a friends Facebook page about the importance of Pennsylvania...Middleswarth Chips... Now 20 some years ago I lived in New Hampshire and worked for GTE Sylvania. In this factory were a lot of other people from PA. Every time we would come back to PA for a visit, my friend Terry would take orders for Middlewarth chips and when we returned to NH we would be loaded down the dozens of bags and barrels (they dont have the barrels anymore) of MC.

There is just something about MC that makes them special, better than any other chip...anywhere.

That special "thing" will cause PA natives mouth to water when they are far from home and something brings MC to their mind...They will act funny, their vioces will crack and their eyes will wonder off into distant memories.

I think of one such memory though I suppose it was more of a night when I was about 18 I was out with some friends and we got some barrels of MC...for some reason someone began throwing chips and the next thing I knew my mom's car was covered with Middleswarth chips...Shivers....the absolute horror of all the chips on the floor and the seats, the dashboard...everywhere...

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  1. BBQ is the best. Ever. Anywhere. Anyone who disagrees is probably a moron, or the devil.