Sunday, October 11, 2009


This here for all you uninformed folks is a backyard swing...not just any old backyard swing's my backyard swing!

This is not some Big Lots/Walmart/Target swing either, its a bona-fide handmade, Tioga County Pa, back yard swing and it was built a long time ago and it was built to last...well I'll talk about that in another post.

Anyway, this swing came to me by way of an estate auction a fews years ago, just after we'd bought of house. My intention was to put it in the front yard with a "For Sale" sign, by my family quickly became enamored with the ugly old thing and soon enough all of us found ourselves "just a swinging" on that thing...No one named Charlotte has been on it as yet. Well. not since I've owned it anyway.

Everytime I look at this swing it reminds me of the John Anderson song by the same title. Course the "ch" I added to the title above is because I have a friend who I've not seen in years who used to add a ch to all sorts of things and so I think of him when I think of The Swing.

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