Friday, September 23, 2011

I really am just a madman in a blue box.

The title of this post is  a quote from the Doctor Who episode titled, "The God Complex". It's a beautiful episode in which the Doctor finds himself having to deal with his own vanity in order to save himself and his friends from certain death.
I grew up in the 70s and 80s watching Doctor Who on PBS. Tom Baker was my Doctor and his adventures with Sarah Jane and Harry are far grander in my memory than they are now when I rewatch them. I have fond memories of those days and certainly I longed for as did so many others, a ridiculously long scarf with which to pretend to be the great Time Lord.
I have found the new Doctor Who adventures to be far more interesting because they delve into the pschology of this madman in a blue box. They seek to expose the underlying, hidden character nuances of the Last of the Time Lords.
I found that in The God Complex the good Doctor comes to realize just how much he really is like race of humans he so adores, in that he too feels the same need of self-affirmation that we do. He comes to see his need to be adored and  his own willingness to take great risks to be a hero so that others will adore him...and he realizes that all of it is indeed vanity....
Thank you to the BBC for giving us a program that makes us think.

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